Thursday 19 July 2018

Family's 6km trek through the snow for provisions

The Browne family making their way to Campile
The Browne family making their way to Campile

Businesswoman Carrie Byrne Browne walked 3km with her husband Alan and children Niamh and Oisin for bread and other essential supplies on Thursday morning, the first day of an unseasonably cold March 2018.

Leaving the snow surrounded home at Coole, Campile, the fearsome foursome set off, with all but Carrie succumbing to a fall along the 40 minute trudge in to the village.

'It was icy and very slippy. When we got into Campile there were no cars to be seen, only 4x4's and tractors. There was someone on a quad bike doing deliveries also,' Carrie said.

Having picked up bread freshly delivered from The Bakehouse in New Ross, eggs and porridge and some other bits, they left.

'It was lovely to be out in it and we didn't break the eggs! I finished up work at my business Carrie's Creations on Mary Street on Tuesday evening because Wednesday is my day off. One of the ladies who covers for me couldn't make it in as she had to care for her father as the carer couldn't travel in the snow. I could have made it in on Thursday but there is no way I would have been able to make it home. I know all of the Browne's in New Ross would have loved to have had me (as a guest) for a few days but my husband couldn't have coped without me,' she joked.

Carrie brought water and food to her parents Richie and Ann Byrne in Rathimney, Gusserane, having returned from her trek into Campile and to her uncle Wattie also.

She said it was a journey the family will not forget anytime soon.

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