Monday 17 June 2019

Explosion averted at burning oil tank

The oil tank after the fire was brought under control
The oil tank after the fire was brought under control

Brendan Keane

A potential explosion was averted in Wexford town last week when a quick-acting neighbour alerted a couple that their oil tank was smouldering with the fence beside it on fire.

The incident occurred on Wednesday in a well-known area of the town and while the owners of the tank preferred not to be identified they are anxious to warn other people about the potential hazards of the current heatwave.

Speaking to this newspaper the woman who owns the tank explained the circumstances leading up to the fire, which, though quickly brought under control, caused damage to the oil tank and extensive damage to the fence behind it.

'There was a glass bottle or jar in the next-door garden which caused a fire by our oil tank,' she said.

'Only for a neighbour spotted the smoke it would have more serious,' she added.

'We were told it was only a couple of minutes from exploding.'

The woman went on to comment that there would have been 'dry grass and bits of sticks around tank' but it was the magnifying affect of the glass on the sunlight that caused the fire to begin with.

While the situation was frightening the couple were relieved that their neighbour spotted the smoke before the situation became much more serious.

'We would just like to warn people to check for glass around or near their tanks,' she said.

She added that people are not used to the type of heat currently being experienced all over the country and might not be aware of the potential fire hazards that come with that.

New Ross Standard