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End of flooding in sight for New Ross


Flood defence works at the end of the bridge at Staffords

Flood defence works at the end of the bridge at Staffords

Flood defence works at the end of the bridge at Staffords


Flooding in New Ross will be a thing of the past once flood defence works, which began in mid-January, are completed in the autumn.

MJS Civil Engineering workers have completed laying a four foot storm pipe at the entrance to the Brandon House Hotel, where pools of water regularly formed during heavy rainfall.

The emphasis of the works, which will include glass flood walls, clay embankments and a new walkway along the quay, is on the visual, so the flood wall will add to the town's aesthetic appeal.

Phil Hogan, accompanied by other Government ministers, visited Marshmeadows in February 2014 and saw first hand the the devastation wrought to local businesses when the Barrow burst its banks. At the time Minister Hogan was presented with a booklet outlining the extent of the damage and promised to provide funding for the project, which was forthcoming last year. The total cost of the project is expected to run to €1,250,000.

The flood protection scheme will extend from behind Aldi to North Quay as far as Roger's dentists and from behind the mart in Rosbercon around to the apartments and over as far as Stafford's. Reinforced concrete and glass walls will be erected and special clay embankments will be raised, with stone also being used.

A clay embankment will run along the Barrow from the Dunbrody Visitor Centre to Sweeney's Garden Centre, with a walkway which will exit onto the picnic area.

A third application for funding works further along to Hennessy's Garage along where some of the town's major businesses are located, will be made over the coming years. Acting Senior Executive Engineer Abraham Dunne said: 'The flood defence works are on schedule. The four foot water piping is replacing the two foot old pipes. Some landscaping work is yet to be done.'

The project took two months to complete. Meanwhile 80 metres of foundation have been laid from Stafford's fuels to O'Hanrahan Bridge in Rosbercon. MJS Civil Engineering has increased its workforce on the project and they are construct an embankment behind Aldi. They started work between the marina and Sweeney's Garden Centre on the bank last week. 'Overall the project is going really well. They are on target. We have been very fortunate with the dry weather we've had which has been great for civil engineering projects like this and the New Ross Bypass.'

The works are due to be completed in late September.