Thursday 5 December 2019

Emigrant Kevin Dwyer to keep seat for year

NEW ROSS Town Council has voted in favour of allowing a fellow councillor, who has emigrated to Australia for work, keep his seat on the local authority.

In a letter to the Town Clerk Cllr. Kevin Dwyer sought the approval of the council to extend his time on the council by a further 12 months, dating back to September 2011.

His request was proposed by Cllr. John Dwyer, who said Cllr. Kevin Dwyer's situation is like thousands of others who have left the country due to the 'economic disaster'. Cllr. Michael Sheehan seconded the request.

'I ask that we show compassion for the position Kevin finds himself in. This is a human tragedy played out across the country,' said Cllr. Dwyer.


Beside him Cllr. Bobby Dunphy opposed the proposal saying it is a 'stark choice' that faces Cllr. Kevin Dwyer.

'It's not possible to represent the electorate in New Ross on New Ross Town Council from as far away as Australia,' said Cllr. Dunphy, adding that he is disappointed that the Fianna Fail party haven't dealt with this situation and nominated a member to fill Cllr. Dwyer's position.

'I appeal to the local sort out difficulties,' he Cumann added.

When Cllr. Kevin Dwyer's request went to a vote six members were in favour and Cllr. Bobby Dunphy and his own party colleague Cllr. Anthony Connick were against.