Monday 22 April 2019

Election candidate hits out at line of questioning on Late Late Show O'Gorman 'duped' into discussing private life

Election hopeful, Colm O'Gorman feels he was duped by RTE into discussing his family life live on television in a discussion about gay adoption on Friday's Late Late Show.

O'Gorman, who vowed at the outset of his election campaign to keep his private life out of the public arena, talked candidly to Pat Kenny about his unconventional family arrangements on Friday evening.

'It was not the interview I thought I was going to do,' he said on Monday, adding that he went on the show thinking the segment would be a 'broad profile' of himself and his decision to run for Government as a PD candidate.

'Anyone who saw the interview will know that it had very little to do with politics and all to do with my situation,' he said.

He did admit that researchers had informed him that 'one or two' questions about his guardianship of two children could arise during the course of the discussion, but he did not expect the entire focus of the interview to centre on gay adoption and parenting.

He said he was 'unhappy' with the extent of the interview and how it had become 'so personal'. 'But that is the nature of live television,' he said.

During the course of the interview O'Gorman spoke about the two children he and his partner Paul have joint legal guardianship of.

The childrens mother, Susie, a long time friend of Colm O'Gorman's, died in February of this year having lived with a terminal illness for over ten years.

The gay couple took guardianship of one of the children, a ten year old boy, in 2003, while his sister, who is now eight years old, came to live with them in 2004.

O'Gorman told Pat Kenny how he had been a friend of Susie's for 17 years when he lived in London, and had been with her through the birth of her son.

At that time Susie had asked him to become the child's guardian if she died.

Describing his children as 'beautiful, magnificent human beings' and 'the most important thing in my life', he added that ideally he would wish that they could be with their mother. 'But that is not possible,' he said.

Prior to her death, Susie appointed both Colm and his partner as legal guardians of the children.

On Monday, O'Gorman, who lives in North Wexford, admitted that he had always intended to keep his public and private life separate.

Previous approaches from the Sunday Times to discuss the issue were declined by him, although he did discuss his family life previously in an RTE Radio interview five months before deciding to run in the General Election.

This interview was also carried in a national tabloid newspaper

He said when confronted by the questions from Pat Kenny on Friday night he did his best 'to answer in broad terms'. He also said that any questions about his family arrangements have now been answered, and he wants to 'move on'.