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Dumping shame of New Ross


The litter at the side lane between New Ross Retail Park and Woodbine Business Park

The litter at the side lane between New Ross Retail Park and Woodbine Business Park

The litter at the side lane between New Ross Retail Park and Woodbine Business Park


The dumping of a large amount of rubbish in New Ross is being investigated by the authorities.

A 'mini dump' has been found behind a vacant unit at Woodbine Business Park stretching into New Ross Retail Park. The rubbish comprises old beds, mattresses, sofas, household items, clothing, waste and construction materials.

Cllr Anthony Connick said the dumping has been going on for some time 100 metres from the recycling bring centre in Hewittsland.

'It's even on an access lane between the two retail estates.'

Bart Murphy of Bart's Cancer Charity shop, which is located beside the dumping ground, said: 'It's a known spot that people take advantage of as it's vacant. It's the "do gooders" who won't pay for anything but will protest about everything that are doing it.'

He said all the rubbish which is dropped off at his business remains in storage.

'We're waiting for Wexford County Council to confirm if they can do a deal with us on disposing it,' he said.

Wexford County Council has witnessed a significant increase in dumping incidents this year compared to 2013.

Administrative Officer Hugh Maguire said 140 people were fined for littering or dumping in 2013 and there were 15 successful prosecutions before the courts out of 40 cases taken.

'Some of the 25 paid the fine along the way and there was no need for a case,' Mr Maguire said.

He said 15 cases were taken up until November 2014 and more are expected to follow.

'The number of fines will increase to over 160 this year.'

Mr Maguire said a Wexford County Council warden will investigate the dumping at lane connecting New Ross Retail Park and Woodbine Business Park on the ring road.

'Our warden will investigate the matter and we will see if we can get any leads on who's responsible.'

Mr Maguire said illegal dumping is an ongoing problem in the county, but there has been a change in the type of items which are being dumped.

'Over recent years the amount of illegal dumping has declined particularly since the peak of the boom but the nature of the dumping has changed. There isn't as much garage clear out rubbish or household appliances. Household rubbish accounts for most of the dumping carried out today.'

He said rural areas and remote areas of natural beauty are often targeted, adding that towns and villages are not immune from illegal dumping.

'There is a system called the National Littering Monitoring System and it has shown a slow decline in dumping across the county in recent years but the problem seems to be a colossal problem to people when bags of rubbish are dumped at their gates. The amount of electrical goods being dumped is in decline as people can exchange them and recycle them at recycling centres around the county.

Wexford County Council has placed cameras in litter black spots and Cllr Connick would like to see more in New Ross.

'We do catch people and we follow up every complaint but we would like more members of the public to get involved. Anyone caught faces a fine of up to €3,000. Disposing of waste in a proper fashion is everyone's duty, from business owners to householders. Dumping rubbish causes a huge amount of problems.'

He said our towns have to look their best as tourism is the future of many local economies, while environmental damage is also done. Mr Maguire urged business owners who are having issues with dumping to invest in CCTV cameras and signage.

Padge McGrath, an accountant based in Woodbine Business Park said he was unaware that such large scale dumping of rubbish was taking place.

'I didn't think it was that bad. It will be tidied up.'

Tom Murphy of Murphy Carpets and Furniture, New Ross Retail Park said dumping has been going on in the estate in the night for some time.

The lack of CCTV cameras in the business park and the adjoining business park has meant the dumping has been able to continue after hours without fear of getting caught.

People can report incidents of dumping and littering to 1800 DUMPED or 1800 386733.