Monday 19 November 2018

Dumping disgrace!

Lorry load of waste dumped on man's farm lane

Diarmuid Murphy next to illegal rubbish dumped at Ballyleigh near Ballywilliam
Diarmuid Murphy next to illegal rubbish dumped at Ballyleigh near Ballywilliam

David Looby

The dumping of a 'small mountain' of rubbish in a family farm outside New Ross has been reported to gardaí.

Diarmuid Murphy arrived at the farm at Ballyleigh, near Ballywilliam, to find the gate smashed open and a large mound of household rubbish blocking the lane down to the farm outbuildings.

Diarmuid, who recently inherited the farm, said: 'I got a call on the Friday morning to say someone had crashed through the gate and dumped the rubbish and set it on fire. There was nappies, household waste, papers, everything.'

There were no witnesses to the crime just off a busy main road.

'I'm very annoyed about the whole situation. I have only recently inherited the land and they come and dump a trailer load on us on a lane by a wood. I'm disgusted.'

Diarmuid contacted the gardaí who told him to report the incident to Wexford County Council's Environment Department, who, in turn, told him to contact the gardaí.

Eventually the EPA took up the case and cleared the rubbish.

Fianna Fáil Cllr John Fleming said it was one of the worst incidents of dumping he has seen.

'I visited the site, which is on private land, and the smell from the burned nappies and the dirt dumped was horrendous. I was shocked when I saw the amount of rubbish dumped. It was like a small mountain of rubbish and to make it worse it had been burned. There is definitely a small lorry load. The culprits broke in to the property pushing in the gate and knocking the pier so taking the offence to breaking and entering also. Fortunately there was some details found and we will be persuading the offenders.'

Cllr Fleming said the gardaí have been notified about the incident. 'I certainly I will not be letting this go. Illegal dumping and fly tipping has increased dramatically and is out of control. We, as a council, the gardaí and the courts will have to work together to fight this scourge. 'At present the fines are too small and it takes about a year to go to court and the offenders possibly won't turn up, that was my experience giving evidence in court recently.'

New Ross Standard