Tuesday 23 July 2019

Ducks having the quack!

Residents of a New Ross estate have been left amused by arrival of families of ducks

Tony Forte watching the ducks at play in his garden.
Tony Forte watching the ducks at play in his garden.

David Looby

A New Ross estate has been taken over by a flock of ducks who are positively in a flap over all of the attention being lavished upon them.

At first only two or three ducks started arriving in Chambersland, about 800m from the Barrow.

Chambersland resident Mary Forte said a female duck and a few males (drakes) arrived around a month ago, but within days they were joined by several more ducks.

'We have about ten resident quacks now,' she said, adding that the female hasn't been seen in Chambersland for weeks.

'People have been saying she's probably gone off to hatch some more!'

The ducks and drakes initially migrated to Barrack Lane, before moving on up the hill to Chambersland.

'They have taken up residence in a few different spots in the estate. There was a family of four who were on the quay and there must be ten now; they go to three different parts of the estate. The kids are really enjoying them. They go out and feed them and look after them.'

Mary said some residents were feeding the ducks white bread but were advised against it as they can choke so they've taken to feeding them oats.

'They are being well looked after. A cat and crows have been chased away from the ducks also by children.

'I put out a basin and one of the ducks climbed into it! The daily visits are definitely a talking point in the estate.'

New Ross Standard