Tuesday 16 July 2019

Concern over slow pace of new factory contract

David Looby

Concern was expressed about the pace at which the contract for the building of a new advance technology building in New Ross is progressing.

Speaking at the monthly meeting of Wexford County Council, Cllr Michael Whelan said the closing date for submissions was July 26 and no submissions were received.

Wexford County Council terminated the procurement process but are in discussions with a builder.

Director of Services for Economic Development Tony Larkin confirmed that the council is in discussions with a builder. 'He asked for a few weeks to put together a proposal.'

Cllr Michael Sheehan said he welcomed the fact that every option is being explored to get the contract organised. 'Last year many of us voted on a budget that ensured this building would be up and running by the spring.'

He enquired about how plans for an enterprise incubation centre that could accommodate 60 to 80 people on John Street in the town is progressing. 'It was due to be part of the wider regeneration of the High Hill and two or three other projects were included on the list.'

Mr Larkin said: 'I would hope for a successful outcome. If that plan doesn't work we will work on another plan. It's one of the top priorities.' He said an offer has been made for the property on John Street 'so we will have that sorted out soon'.

Mr Larkin said county council funding, along with grant funding, will be required to develop the building. 'An application (for funding) has gone in and we have every expectation it will be forthcoming. It's intended for the enterprise centre to be developed by the council. I wouldn't rule out that we will have engagement from an outside body. If we did, at all times, the county council would remain the driving vehicle behind it.'

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