Tuesday 19 March 2019

Changing landscape

Works on either side of the Barrow are progressing as workers put in extra effort to get 14km road and bridge completed

Works are progressing on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge
Works are progressing on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge

David Looby

Works are continuing at pace on the New Ross Bypass, which is expected to be open to traffic in early autumn of next year.

The bypass comprises a 14km dual carriageway road, including new sections of both the N25 and N30 national primary routes. The ring road commences at a roundabout junction with the existing N25 at Glenmore, before crossing over the River Barrow on a three tower extrados 887m bridge extending from Pink Point to Stokestown and continuing until it ties in with the N30 at Corcorans Cross. The new road has changed the landscape for motorists.

The latest update supplied to this newspaper from builders BAM Iridium arrived on Thursday. The Barrow crossing works are ongoing with crews working long days. The section to the west is the most advanced with the deck and wings complete. The main span from Pier 3 is under way with several pours complete, while works on the pylon are ongoing.

East of the Barrow several pours have been completed at Pier 4 and the main pylon construction has commenced. The deck between Pier 6 and Pier 7 is almost complete with a Wing Traveller assembled and works are ongoing. Deck falsework between Pier 7 and abutment 2 is substantially complete with works ongoing.

Pavement works are continuing and are substantially complete across the project, a BAM Iridium spokesperson said. Signage and line marking has started at various locations throughout the project and are expected to be completed in the coming months. Kerbs, surface water channel and median barrier installation are continuing using a slipfom machine to extrude the concrete through a mould in the required shape.

Drainage is now approximately 90 per cent complete with connections to be made to outfalls and attenuation ponds.

Traffic is now using the new roundabout at Glenmore under a traffic management plan. The final phase will complete the roundabout and tie in to the existing N25.

There have been extensive works done to the Ballyverneen Road (L7513) with the road expected to be open in December.

In a Structures Update, work on the two remaining land structures is ongoing.

The parapet slabs on the Ballyverneen underbridge have been installed and finishing works are progressing. The last structure is a post tensioned in-situ bridge (on the old rail line Ballyverneen).

The falsework is due to be removed and works will progress on the parapets, galleries and wingwalls.

In the next month the following works are due to be completed: complete mainline pavement and finishes from R733 to Corcoran's Cross, Glenmore roundabout final phase completion and N25 tie-in works, complete tie-in works at Ballymacar and Corcoran's Cross, complete local roads west of River Barrow, some minor traffic management to complete tie-ins on R733 and advance pylons at Piers 3, 4 and 5 and progress deck construction over the River Barrow.

Regarding Glenmore, motorists are advised that the enforceable speed limit in this area is reduced to 60 km/h but cautionary speed of 45km/h is advised. 'We ask that motorists take caution when entering the roadworks and we would like to thank motorists for their patience during this time.'

Meanwhile Phase 2 of the new R733/L4026 Stokestown port road junction is in effect. A cautionary speed limit of 35 km/h is in place and motorists are advised to proceed with caution.

The temporary diversion route at Ballymacar is still in operation and this will be the case until next month when it is anticipated the traffic will switch on to the new grade separated roundabout being constructed.

A number of road diversions are in place. Traffic management is currently in place at the N30 at Corcoran's Cross for verge works.

A road closure will be in place until this Wednesday, November 28. A section of the L7512 at Pink Rock and L7513 at Ballyverneen is currently closed and a signposted diversion route is in place and a section of the N25 at Ballymacar is currently diverted. This diversion will remain in place over the coming weeks.

The following roads are open to traffic under traffic management: Ryleen, Stokestown, Camblin, Camblin Overbridge under an advisory speed limit of 55 Km/h and motorists are asked to drive with caution.

The €250m New Ross ring road's completion date remains a mystery, but it is believed that traffic will most likely be on the toll free bypass and Ireland's longest bridge at 887m, in the early autumn of next year.

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