Tuesday 20 February 2018

Car chase driver is banned for 30 years

A 21-YEAR-OLD man from Fethard on Sea received a four-month custodial sentence and was banned from driving for 30 years following an incident on June 20 of last year at Houselands, Fethard on Sea.

Edmund Rowe of 27 Ashgrove, Fethard on Sea faced charges of failing to stop for a Garda, driving without insurance, driving without the correct licence and six separate charges of dangerous driving.

Garda Hayden told last week's sitting of New Ross District Court that upon seeing the defendant in a blue Daihatsu Sirioin, the blue lights on the squad car were activated.

The defendant then sped off and a pursuit ensued. Garda Hayden said at one point in the pursuit at Templer's Junction, a pedestrian was forced to leap backwards onto a grass verge to avoid being struck by Rowe's vehicle.

Defence solicitor Eric Furlong said that although his client has 14 previous convictions, they all relate to burglaries which took place over a two to three-day period which saw Rowe break into a series of mobile homes while they were unoccupied.

He said that the reason his client had bought the car in the first place was that he had been put out of the family home and was sleeping in it. He said that when confronted by Garda Hayden, Rowe panicked. Mr Furlong added that his client was currently living in SVP Hostel Ozanam House.

He said that thankfully nobody was hurt and that it was an isolated incident.

'Mr Rowe is, no doubt, in need of intervention,' he said. 'However, I don't know if a custodial sentence is appropriate for this young man. I would ask the court for one opportunity for my client.'

Judge John Coughlan replied that Rowe had had enough of an opportunity, before handing down a 30-year ban and a four-month sentence.

New Ross Standard

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