Wednesday 22 November 2017

Candidates want to be in 'pole position'

ELECTIONEERING CANDIDATES are more concerned about poles than polls these days in County Wexford, as they try to get the perfect position for the run in to the local elections.

Councillors and their fearless, unflinching cabals are scaling new heights up the county's poles in a desperate bid to get your vote. Across the county posters are being attached to street lights and ESB poles at dizzying heights and some councillors are claiming dirty tricks are afoot, with posters being moved further up poles out of the sightlines of passing pedestrians and motorists.

Returning Officer with Wexford County Council Pat Collins said it is an issue for each individual candidate and their party how high they should erect their posters. Mr Collins said the traffic section of the council has alerted politicians not to erect posters on road signs, while the ESB and local councils have issued warnings prohibiting the erection of posters on certain poles.

Mr Collins said it is often volunteers who erect the posters but ultimately it is down to the parties where they go.

Fine Gael Cllr Jim Allen said European candidates – some of whom are canvassing in Wexford for the first time due to the expansion of the Ireland South boundary – have run riot with posters along our roads and roundabouts.

'Normally we wouldn't have this kind of competition; it looks like the European budgets (for posters) are astronomical. I had posters that were pushed up to make room for some European Fianna Fáil candidates and my posters were damaged.'

Wexford-town based Cllr Allen said he hires someone to erect the posters for health and safety reasons.

'I have someone put them up for me like most of the other candidates. One of my posters fell down a bit in the wind last week and I went up one of the poles and had to come back down as I wouldn't go up that height.'

New Ross Standard

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