Monday 23 July 2018

Brendan is star of the show at local Labour Party AGM

Attendees at the New Ross Labour party AGM in Corcorans pub with leader Brendan Howlin.
Attendees at the New Ross Labour party AGM in Corcorans pub with leader Brendan Howlin.

David Looby

The New Ross branch of the Labour party held its AGM recently in Corcoran's bar in the Irishtown where they welcomed party leader Brendan Howlin and Cllr George Lawlor from Wexford.

Following a busy year for the branch the AGM was an occasion to look back, but mainly to look forward to the year ahead.

Mr Howlin spoke about the uniqueness of the Labour Party which, following a unanimous vote at conference this year, is now the only party in Ireland to follow a one member, one vote system.

'This goes to the core of the belief of equality in the Labour party. Every voice is equal in the Labour Party,' Mr Howlin said.

A discussion on the fact that after years of hard, sometimes unpopular, work and decisions the country is now getting back on its feet.

Local Area Rep, Bridín Moloney said: 'The Labour Party believes that now is not the time to start slashing taxes but we need to spend on our public services, SlaintéCare, housing, education, childcare to name a few.'

Mr Howlin said: 'We have a great history, but more than that we have a great future.'

He said next year may bring some difficult times for our country with a referendum expected on the repeal of the 8th Amendment.

Mr Howlin reiterated that the Labour Party nationally stands ready to campaign and fight for this change to our constitution.

Following the party leader speech, Sonny Sinnott, the chairperson of the branch for over 25 years, announced his decision to hand over the reigns. Sonny was thanked for his immense work in keeping the party active in the New Ross district, during the good and not so good times. He reminded the branch that while he may have stood down as chair he looked forward to continuing his fight for Labour values in New Ross.

Emmett Malone was subsequently elected new chair.

Emmett has been a staunch supporter of the Labour Party all his life and he said he is delighted to take on the role. Also newly elected on the night was Michael Fottrell as treasurer.

Sonny was elected vice chair, Bridín Moloney was re-elected secretary and PRO and Ingrid O'Brien was elected vice treasurer. Local area rep Bridín talked about how the branch looked forward to the next year of campaigning and increasing the party's presence in the district. 'The Labour Party's values of decency, justice and equality are needed now as ever before and we look forward to our continued work with the people of the New Ross district and the Labour Party. We were delighted to welcome party Leader Brendan Howlin TD and also Cllr George Lawlor from the Wexford town district.'

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