Sunday 19 November 2017

Bonsai is new drug of choice

Ann Lacey, Community Drugs Project Worker
Ann Lacey, Community Drugs Project Worker

David Looby

THE HIGHLY addictive drug Bonsai is now rampant in New Ross leading to serious medical and social issues in the community.

Community drugs project worker Ann Lacey, pictured below, said: 'It has become endemic here, replacing other drugs like cannabis. It's a massive problem in New Ross.'

The drug, which is a chemical substitute for cannabis, is available to buy online, but Ann believes it is being sold for as little as €20 per gram.

'It's a substitute for cannabis and is chemical rather than natural so nobody knows what's in it. We are finding that it's laced with other stuff,' she said.

The drug has emerged as one of the most popular head shop drugs in Europe and has been illegal in Ireland since head shop drugs were banned in summer 2010.

Among the medical complications the Bonsai drug causes are vomiting, nausea and weight loss.

'It's very addictive, much more than cannabis. People are buying it in quantities and selling it to other family members and friends. It's endemic in New Ross,' Ms Lacey said, adding that local youths who are addicted to the drug are stealing from family members and from people in the locality to be able to afford it.

A Garda spokesperson said gardaí have received reports about Bonsai in the area and searches were carried out in recent months, but there have been no seizures of the drug yet.

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