Sunday 19 November 2017

Block evictions

David Looby

A significant number of residents are facing eviction from their homes at the Rivergate apartment block in New Ross, having been given notice to leave by their landlord.

The residents of the Cherries Road complex were informed last week that they have to leave their homes within three months as the properties are being sold as vacant lots.

John Kilpatrick of Creywell Developments said where possible residents were informed he met face to face. Mr Kilpatrick said: ‘Some were on holiday or not at home and a letter was given explaining what was happening; this was after we discussed the matter on the phone. Their is a rumour going around this is a repossession. The sale is a consensual sale. This was a comment put to me last week and is completely untrue.’

Mr Kilpatrick said tenants have been given the required notice under PRTB guidelines and additional time where possible.

He said deposits will be refunded. ‘Of course we are working with residents providing references, asking estate agents and management companies in the area to help where possible and return deposits early if needed to help secure other places.’

He said: ‘The majority of residents have given us notice to leave having found new places already with our assistance.’

One resident said she enjoyed living in her apartment overlooking the river Barrow and will miss it. The resident said: ‘Will be sad to say goodbye to this view.

‘It has served me well though.’

Des Moloney of Moloney Auctioneers and Property said several Rivergate tenants have contacted his office seeking accommodation.

Mr Moloney said: ‘There is a serious shortage of properties to rent. We have a waiting list a mile long. People are saying there are no houses available to buy anymore as builders didn’t build then during the recession and this has a serious knock-on effect in the rental market.’

He said: ‘We have taken in bookings for rent, sometimes we don’t even need to advertise. Prices are going up slowly but surely; some landlords are looking at hiking rents.’

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