Thursday 17 October 2019

Artists to draw on town's rich architecture and history

Bart Lodewijks making his street art
Bart Lodewijks making his street art

David Looby

An exciting art project is taking place in New Ross during the piano festival when three artists will create art and sculptures, drawing on the town's rich architectural heritage for inspiration.

The art project entitled 'Can We Draw You Out! - Open Conversation on Drawing' is supported by Wexford County Council.

New Ross based artist Mary-Ruth Walsh said: 'Its main focus is to re-look at the town, the buildings and the unique architecture in a totally fresh way.'

The creative initiative will see three artists visit New Ross to engage in drawing ​i​n three very different ways. 'One artist makes chalk drawings in public urban spaces; a second artist will do "comic" drawing workshops in Bunscoil nic Amhlaidh and the third artist will put up a 3 meter sculpture in New Ross Library from wood machino-like sections all packed into a small bag.'

The visual arts project was commissioned by Wexford Arts Officer Liz Burns and curated by Ms Walsh to coincide with the festival. 'The aim is to make visible, arouse curiosity and show the diversity of drawing by showing how drawing can happen "off the page" and be something much more engaging and exciting. We have invited these three artists to New Ross to engage with the public and the fabric of this heritage town.'

Between Tuesday, September 19 and Sunday, September 24, artists Bart Lodewijks, Elida Maiques and Robin Jones will be engaging with New Ross people on the theme 'Can We Draw You Out!'

'These three distinctly separate artists share one thing in common - drawing. One artist makes chalk drawings in public urban spaces and another artist uses urban space as an inspiration for posters and/or comics and online landscapes. They bring attention to the very fabric of our surroundings that is often taken for granted. They challenge how we see our everyday environments, sometimes altering that perception so we see the commonplace anew. The invited artists interrupt space as we normally see it. They insert their drawings or sculptural-like drawings into specific physical and online areas, heightening our awareness of the normally mundane place and space. These artists change how we see the ordinary and allow us to see the extraordinary power of line and drawing in a different light.'

Lodewijks will engage in conversation with local residents and business people during the five days of his drawing project. Maiques brings her significant experience to her comic or poster workshops, engaging the participants with their ordinary place (New Ross town), and looking at it in extraordinary ways.

Two of the three artists will work in public spaces; Lodewijks' preferred environment is the urban and he will engage with a self-chosen site for his drawing in New Ross town; Maiques' workshops will explore New Ross town as a source of inspiration for her workshops with children and later details of the town are transformed into posters or comics and online documentation. Jones' work will be located in the library or another high ceiling space where he will start with a small hold all bag and construct three-meter high sculptures. The opening and showcase of final project takes place on Saturday, September 23 at 11.45 a.m. in New Ross Library after a jazz session by the legendary Myles Drennan. At 11.45 some of the artists, the workshop participants and the public will see a pop-up display and photographs of the process of the artists works and Bunscoil workshops. An open conversation will be facilitated by the curator Ms Walsh. All are welcome to attend.

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