Saturday 19 October 2019

85 new gardaí in past four years

Esther Hayden

County Wexford has been allocated 85 newly qualified gardai since 2015.

In total 2,361 gardai have been allocated to stations nationwide in that time.

The figures show that Wexford received 15 newly qualified gardaí in 2015, 10 in 2016, 34 in 2017 and 26 in 2018.

In 2015 five of the newly qualified gardai were stationed in Enniscorthy while 10 were stationed in Wexford town. Of the 10 gardai deployed to Wexford in 2016 five were stationed in Wexford and five were stationed in Enniscorthy. Of the 34 deployed here in 2017 13 were stationed in Enniscorthy, 13 were stationed in Wexford and the remaining eight were stationed in New Ross.

Last year 26 newly qualified gardai were deployed to Wexford. Four were stationed in Enniscorthy, nine were stationed in Gorey, eleven were stationed in Wexford and two were stationed in New Ross.

Overall Enniscorthy received 27 new gardai since 2015, Gorey received nine, Wexford town received 39 and New Ross received ten.

Nationally Wexford appears to have done reasonably well in terms of garda allocations since 2015 with just ten garda divisions receiving more gardai than them while 17 garda divisions received less than that.

Of the ten divisions which were allocated more gardai than Wexford six were Dublin divisions while Kildare, Laois/Offaly, Louth and Waterford also received more.

However all three Cork divisions including Cork city, Galway, Kerry and Limerick were among the divisions which received a smaller allocation than Wexford.

However despite this Cllr Malcolm Byrne said Wexford county and Gorey are continuing to lose out in terms of garda allocation.

New Ross Standard