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N11/N25 deadline extended again as not everyone received brochures


The routes being considered for the proposed Oylegate to Rosslare scheme

The routes being considered for the proposed Oylegate to Rosslare scheme

The routes being considered for the proposed Oylegate to Rosslare scheme

After a huge chunk of home and landowners situated within the prospective N11/N25 Oylegate to Rosslare Harbour road routes failed to receive important information brochures through their letterboxes, the council has vowed that it will not use the company tasked with their delivery again.

As a result of some of these problems, the deadline for the public consultation on the new road has been extended for a second time, to August 10.

When the public consultation was launched, Wexford County Council vowed that everyone potentially affected by the new scheme, 6,800 homes in total, would receive the glossy brochures with all the relevant information.

As communities began to hold meetings on the subject of the new road, a picture began to emerge that, in fact, a large chunk had not received anything.

'I'm very disappointed with the effort made on the brochures,' said Cllr Lisa McDonald. 'From the very start, people felt like they weren't properly notified and that it was rude. It was a bad PR exercise and we need to ensure that mistakes like this don't happen again.'

Cllr Garry Laffan had experienced similar frustrations in his local community and was attempting to do the job of delivering the brochures to people himself.

'I'm still getting asked for brochures,' he said. 'I called up to County Hall and there was a bit of difficulty with me collecting a stack of them the last time under Covid regulations and all that. But I'll be seeking more because there's still a lot of people in my area who haven't received them.'

Director of Services Eamonn Hore noted the feedback from the elected reps, saying:

'I concur with what's being said. Incidentally, the website for the scheme is very good and all the information is there too. I hope everyone that needs a brochure has received one by now. We went public on the tender for the delivery of the brochures and it's probably safe to say that we won't be using the crowd that won the contract again.'

Mr Hore went on to say that the council had received some 250 individual queries and 150 feedback forms relating to the project. He said while the feedback was beginning to drop off, they were extending the deadline for the public consultation to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have their say.

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