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Louie stolen from home in broad daylight


Louie, the Jack Russell which was stolen

Louie, the Jack Russell which was stolen

Louie, the Jack Russell which was stolen

The latest person to have their dog stolen in the county has said the thieves are 'relentless' and more needs to be done to stop them.

Sandra Mooney lives in Bridgetown near Ballycross Apple Farm. Her Jack Russell, Louie, was stolen from the garden on Sunday July 19 in broad daylight.

'The last time he was seen he was sitting at the bottom of the drive at 1 p.m. on the Sunday, one of my neighbours saw him there,' Sandra says.

'We were all in the house at the time, we have a long driveway. When it got to 3 p.m. I thought, "I haven't see Louie in a while", he would usually be up every hour. Straight away I knew what had happened, because he never goes outside the garden.'

A trusting dog by nature, Sandra says the eight year-old Louie would easily have been lured into a van or car. And she says she daren't think what's happened to her dog since he was taken.

'These people are brutal, they don't care. The guards said the thieves will use him for breeding, but I've heard they might even be using him as bait for dog fighting, they sometimes use the smaller ones for that.

'He's never had a hair on his head harmed, known nothing but love. If I asked him to go out to the toilet in the rain he wouldn't go. I can't get it out of my head what they might be doing to him.'

A mother-of-five, Sandra describes Louie, who unfortunately isn't microchipped, as being like her 'sixth child' and has offered a €2,000 reward to anyone with information which might help locate him.

'The guards are looking into it. I've put up a reward of €2,000. This is just relentless, it needs to be stopped. I've been sharing stuff all week on social media.

'Since lockdown the guards said they've seen a spike in thefts. I'm not sleeping or eating, and I'm having panic attacks thinking about what might have happened to him. I'm at my wits end but I won't give up, we need to stop these people from doing this.'

Sandra has asked that anyone with information on Louie to contact her personally on 087 970 5816.

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