Tuesday 25 June 2019

Women ready to bare all in 'Dip'

Wexford’s ‘Dip In The Nip’ last year
Wexford’s ‘Dip In The Nip’ last year

Anna Hayes

The countdown is on for the fourth annual Dip in the Nip which takes place on a Wexford beach on August 12.

The event has, so far, raised more than €58,000 for the Hope Cancer Support Centre, and has captured the imagination of the public as more and more people are taking part each year. The Dip raised €11,000, €21,000, and €25,000 in the first, second and third year respectively.

Last year, 270 women enjoyed the unique event and organiser Eileen Rowe said that she has already handed out about 300 sponsorship cards this year. She pointed out that there is also the option for people to take part and just give a personal donation on the day of the event but recommended people to be there no later than 6.30 a.m.

Ms Rowe said: 'There's a great atmosphere and I think it really is girl power at its best. It is indescribable until you experience it. Women from all over the country travel to Wexford to take part in it.'

The all-women's event is well policed with gardai and security services present on the day of the event but, one particular plug for the event might give one man a special guest pass.

'We were promoting the event at the South East Country Music Festival and Mike Denver gave us a mention from the stage, saying that he would come back for it. We had a surge in interest after that so we might make an exception to let him come along!' Ms Rowe joked.

For more information on the event, call 053 91 32202 or 087 680 4279.

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