Friday 15 December 2017

Teacher Pat gets a fantastic send-off

A presentation at the Horse and Hound from Kennedy College staff to Pat Lynch on his retirement from the school
A presentation at the Horse and Hound from Kennedy College staff to Pat Lynch on his retirement from the school

David Looby

Pat Lynch from Ballymacar celebrated his retirement with his wife Brideen and his colleagues past and present from Kennedy College (previously New Ross Vocational College) in the Horse and Hound recently.

Pat retired after 39 years of teaching service at the school and with the PDST (Professional Development Service for Teachers).

Kennedy College Principal Suzanne Barrett said: 'Pat was a dedicated and inspiring teacher of Metalwork and Technical Graphics at New Ross Vocational College from 1977, having been a student himself at New Ross Vocational College where he was in the first Intermediate Certificate class (now the Junior Certificate). He was also in the first Leaving Certificate class in 1974. From the start of his teaching career in Mary Street, Pat showed himself to be an inspirational and committed teacher who earned the respect of both students and staff.'

She said Pat was always fully involved in school life, including coaching students in hurling, soccer and badminton. 'Pat embraced changes in the second level curriculum and was an active member of the NCCA which introduced the new curriculum in Design and Communications Graphics, Technical Graphics, Metalwork and Engineering.'

Pat is also a chief examiner in Leaving Certificate Engineering. As part of the introduction of computers in Design and Communications Graphics Pat, along with fellow DCG teacher Martin Regan and Michael Freyne, helped to develop the new Computerised DCG facility at New Ross Vocational College.

Pat was also instrumental in introducing the modern computer rooms at the school, designing a well laid out and well equipped state-of-the-art computer room. 'Pat was seconded by The Department of Education and Science in 2006 to upskill teachers in the PDST, initially in T4 to upskill teachers in the new Design and Communications Graphics courses and later in supporting the development the Numeracy and Literacy strategy in schools. Pat often returned to the school to support and upskill teachers at the school. His inservice was always relevant and useful, and he promoted using modern ICT methods to support subject planning. Pat and Brideen were instrumental in setting up New Ross Badminton club in the school's PE hall and in encouraging new members young and old to join. Pat also enjoys playing golf at New Ross Golf Club. The staff wish Pat every happiness in his retirement.'

New Ross Standard

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