Monday 19 November 2018

Talk on fascinating history of Dominican order in Rosbercon

In conjunction with Kilkenny Heritage Week 2016, Rosbercon pastoral council will host a lecture entitled 'The Dominicans of Rosbercon 1267-1800' in the Boat Club, Rosbercon, on Tuesday, August 23, at 8 p.m.

The speaker will be the pastoral council chairman and local historian Jamesie Murphy, who has carried out research into this religious order, which was based in Rosbecon where the recycling facility now stands.

Their monastery in honour of St Dominic was founded by the great Catholic families the Graces of Courtstown, Tullaroan and the Walsh family who hailed from the Walsh mountain range between Ballyhale and Piltown.

In the early years, the Rosbercon Dominican Monastery was a renowned seat of learning for theological students, who came from Spain and Portugal.

Their travel was made possible on many ships that travelled between New Ross and the continent.

Violent episodes also occurred in Rosbercon in this period, like when 30 followers of De Rupe or Roche of Coolhill Castle, The Rower, were brutally murdered by the British under De La Poer in the abbey yards in the 1600s.

The monks carried on regardless, but the suppression of Catholic convents and monasteries made a heavy dent in their activities in the area.

The great abbey's influence began to wane and eventually the former bastion of the Catholic faith in the area was little more than a ruin, with only the outer walls surviving.

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