Sunday 9 December 2018

Smart Horeswood pupils revel in 100 day celebrations

Sean Kehoe, Shane Cheevers, Daniel Leacy and Liam O’Brien from 2nd class
Sean Kehoe, Shane Cheevers, Daniel Leacy and Liam O’Brien from 2nd class
Avril Ennis, Emily Cummins, Solas McWilliams and Lauran Dalton Baker from 2nd class

David Looby

The 100th day of the academic year was celebrated with a feast of creativity and learning in Horeswood NS recently as pupils arrived dressed as their 100-year-old selves, complete with walking canes, glasses and clothes straight out of 1920s Ireland.

1st, 2nd and 3rd class pupils of Lenora Warner, Joe Mooney and Darren Keating's classes enjoyed a day of fun activities as part of a 100 Days Smarter event introduced by Ms Warner.

Pupils were asked to imagine how they would see themselves aged 100 and responded with some fantastic costumes, including one pupil who had false dentures, a stoop and a walking cane, another pupil even sported a handmade pair of trousers. The exercises included all academics subjects from art to Science and an anemometer was even used, measuring wind speed. They shared stories about the number 100 with classmates and participated in fun activities including estimating games and prediction exercises, including how many claps they could do in the alloted time.

The pupils were asked what they would do with €100, with one child saying that the sum would pay for a mansion and children also enjoyed construction games. Ms Warner said: 'They loved the day which the parents were very involved in. The school's ethos is Learning for Life Together and the day fully embraced that. The teachers are really grateful to all the parents for their effort.'

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