Sunday 17 December 2017

Mount Carmel 200 Mass invite

A large crowd is expected to attend Mount Carmel Monastery grounds on Thursday, July 20, when the sisters' 200 years in the town will be remembered on the 200th anniversary of the very first Mass being celebrated in at the monastery.

Everyone is asked to be in attendance by 7.15 pm when ceremonies will start with the arrival of the Carmelite Sisters.

The organisers, the Friends of Carmelite Sisters said: 'Come yourself and bring a friend. Let us show the Carmelites the love and affection we have for them by filling the Monastery grounds. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.'

There was no public celebration for the order's earlier milestones, the 50th, 100th, 150th so huge preparations are under way for this year's landmark event.

'This is our opportunity to publicly demonstrate by our presence the high regard in which we hold the Carmelites.'

The sisters have a great tradition in the town, from supporting young people in education to their internationally renowned lace, which bolstered the town's reputation.

Seating will be available for a few hundred people and seats will be reserved for the elderly and infirm, but there will be plenty of standing room for everyone. A one way flow of traffic will operate with cars entering at the monastery gates and exiting at the Bosheen gates. This will be a set-down facility for those who absolutely need it.

'Ideally we would prefer if no cars were on the avenue or Mass path for the safety and comfort of pedestrians. So, unless you have very special needs and cannot travel on the shuttle bus, we ask that no cars enter the monastery grounds.'

There will be a limited number of parking spaces for people with a disabled driver permit or with other special needs.

The car parks at the Apex, Play Barn and Good Counsel have been kindly made available. Pedestrian access is via the old 'Mass path' from the Bosheen.

A shuttle bus will transport anyone unable to walk from these car parks.

The car parks at the Youth Centre and Barrack Lane have also been made available and pedestrian access from these will be via the main Monastery entrance.

A team of stewards will be in place to ensure the safety and comfort of all. 'The Mother Prioress, Sr. Anne and the Carmelite community warmly invite you to join with them in celebrating the 200th anniversary of the very first Mass celebrated in Mount Carmel Monastery. They look forward to meeting you after the Mass,' the Carmelite Friends group said.

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