Saturday 21 April 2018

Issues raised at women's networks day

REPRESENTATIVES from Wexford were among a delegation from the National Collective of Community Based Women's Networks (NCCWN), who gave a cross party briefing to members of the Oireachtas over feared cuts to the services they offer.

Marion Donegan, project co-ordinator for Wexford-based Access Community Education said the presentation was to inform members of the Oireachtas of the valuable work of NCCWN, which is focused on women experiencing disadvantage, and to seek cross party support to continue to have funding ring fenced to ensure its work can continue into 2015 and beyond.

Forty-one TDs and senators attended or were represented. Miriam Holt, NCCWN National Coordinator led out by giving an overview of the national organisation and its' local networks, emphasising the voluntary nature of its management structures and the real impact NCCWN had on the lives of disadvantaged women throughout Ireland.

Many of the issues raised and identified were the same for women regardless of their geographical location. Through involvement with their local women's network the individual woman's voice, needs and concerns are articulated at national level. All 17 women's projects work together to influence policy and decision making at a local and national level.

During the presentation NCCWN highlighted the International, EU and National legal obligations and commitments made by the Irish Government to Women's Equality. The work of NCCWN was seen as a way of supporting the Governments commitments to these obligations and as a way of addressing the inequality experienced by women in Ireland.

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