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Increase in littering in county


Wexford County Council has witnessed a significant increase in dumping incidents this year compared to 2013.

Administrative Officer Hugh Maguire said 140 people were fined for littering or dumping in 2013 and there were 15 successful prosecutions before the courts out of 40 cases taken.

'Some of the 25 paid the fine along the way and there was no need for a case,' Mr Maguire said.

He said 15 cases were taken up until November 2014 and more are expected to follow.

'The number of fines will increase to over 160 this year,' he added.

Mr Maguire said illegal dumping is an ongoing problem in the county, but there has been a change in the type of items which are being dumped.

'Household rubbish accounts for most of the dumping carried out today.'

Mr Maguire said rural areas and remote areas of natural beauty are often targeted, along with urban areas.