Wednesday 22 May 2019

Fun times at Newbawn school sports day

Brendan Keane

The pupils in Newbawn National School showed great enthusiasm during this year's annual Sports Day.

The event is always one of the most popular initiatives on the school's annual calender and there was great excitement in the lead-up this year.

A wide range of activities took place on the day with the students participating in everything from running races and other field events to rounders and cricket.

The egg-and-spoon race also proved very popular with the children who displayed extraordinary balance as they negotiated the course.

There was an extra special treat around halfway through when the children got to avail of ice-cream which was very welcome given the glorious weather conditions on the day. The nice weather definitely added to the enjoyment on the day for pupils and staff.

Newbawn school has always excelled in terms of producing great athletes and from the evidence presented at this year's sports day that's something that isn't going to change anytime soon.

New Ross Standard