Thursday 18 January 2018

Fun for all at Secret Valley Farm

AT SECRET Valley there is fun for all the family and with new animals arriving there's lots to see and do. Our new arrivals Mork and Mindy the Prairie dogs have settled in and are busy entertaining everyone.

Our baby Raccoon which we have called Meeko has settled in also and is growing fast, she is now sleeping all night so no more night feeds!! We now have a host of baby goats for bottle feeding and one little soay sheep called Ruby who at this stage things she is a goat.

Our Insects include six species of stick insect, millipedes, beetles and snails, if you are in to mini beast you'll enjoy looking at these. Last but not least we have a new bunny, he's only twelve weeks old and is already bigger than our adult bunnies, he's a New Zealand giant bunny and he loves a cuddle and to go for a walk.

With a full daily timetable there is loads to do at Secret Valley, all activities are included in the entrance price except the Quad train which has a nominal €2 charge. We look forward to seeing you all soon, check out our website to see our great birthday party packages, summer camp details and to keep up to date with our events .

Local artist Elisa Foley is doing free art lesson with the kids on the farm this Sunday.

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