Tuesday 21 May 2019

Cuppas and walks get students ready

Breakfast time for students at Our Lady of Lourdes
Breakfast time for students at Our Lady of Lourdes

David Looby

There's nothing like a cuppa in the morning and in Our Lady of Lourdes secondary school in Rosbercon students have been enjoying just that at their new breakfast club.

The club was formed in September and provides a soul warming start to each school day as students are free to enjoy hot buttered toast and a cup of tea or coffee together, giving them a jolt of caffeine ahead of a busy curriculum. The hot sustaining grub is available from 8.20 a.m. each morning.

Teacher Eilish Ryan said: 'It's a welcome treat as we head into the cooler autumn mornings and the chillier days of winter. The students enjoy the hot tea and warm buttered toast and a chat with friends before going to their classrooms.'

On a cool, sunny, Friday morning recently the school's students started the day on the right foot, post tea and toast, with a leisurely walk around New Ross. The whole school event was enjoyed as part of the Active School Week and Wellbeing Awareness in the school promotion. Students and teachers completed a circle of the town and the event was enjoyed by all.

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