Thursday 20 June 2019

Crowds enjoy Arboretum walk and talk

Seamus O’Brien and Neil Porteous at the JFK Arboretum
Seamus O’Brien and Neil Porteous at the JFK Arboretum

A large crowd attended a Rhododendron Week walk and talk at JFK Memorial Park & Arboretum.

Head Guide and Horticulturist, Mary O'Neill Moloney said: 'It was a perfect day. We at the OPW JFK Memorial Park and Arboretum hosted a joint event with the RHS Rhododendron Camellia & Magnolia Group and what a day it was. Seamus O'Brien and Neil Porteous started the day with exceptional talks and then lead the group on a tour of the Ericaceous Garden highlighting the many species Rhododendrons.'

Ms Moloney thanked Dr Matthew Jebb, Director of the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland (with responsibility for the JFK Arboretum), who opened the event and all the great staff at the arboretum for making it such a successful day.

'We look forward to doing it all again next year. Thank you to all who attended,' Moloney said.

New Ross Standard