Monday 11 December 2017

Valentine's yet another contrived occasion

Sadly Valentine's Day is a day where society says you have to be romantic to indicate just how much you love your partner.
Sadly Valentine's Day is a day where society says you have to be romantic to indicate just how much you love your partner.

VALENTINE'S DAY is almost upon us which means all the romantics out there are looking forward to being spoiled rotten by their significant others.

Chocolates, flowers, soppy cards and romantic meals will be the order of that day as the women of Ireland ooh and ah about how much they're loved by the men in their lives.

Like any woman, I love romance, but am I the only one who thinks Valentine's Day is a pile of rubbish?

I know this is going to sound a little bit sad, but in my house Valentine's Day just doesn't exist. Not because my husband and I forget it or because we're too mean to splash out on a romantic meal, but because we both came to the conclusion a few years ago that it's all a bit of a con.

Of course for the first year or two we used to mark the occasion because it was the done thing, but we weren't long agreeing that we were being sucked into this fabricated, forced public show of affection while the florists, chocolatiers and card makers laughed all the way to the bank.

I remember going out for dinner one Valentines' night a few years back and sitting in the restaurant absolutely mortified. We were one of numerous couples sitting there, romantic candles on the table, all there because we felt we should be.

Don't get me wrong, I love going out for dinner, but doing it solely because it's February 14 and society says we have to just doesn't do it for me - or my husband.

Another year he spent a fortune on a bunch of roses God love him, and although I thought it was a lovely gesture, I remember wondering why he wasted so much money.

Valentine's Day is like the equally fabricated 'Mothers Day' or 'Fathers Day' - but on a much larger scale. A day where society says you have to be romantic, when the bigger the card, the bigger the bunch of roses and the fancier the restaurant indicates just how much you love your partner.

Come on...surely we're smarter than that.

Of course being spoiled is fantastic and I'm not saying for a second that people treating their partners on Valentine's Day don't do so out of genuine love. But doesn't it mean so much more when it's completely unexpected? When he does something romantic completely out of the blue just because he thinks you're worth it...and not because of the date on a calendar.

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