Saturday 20 July 2019

Time to run with Ray in a 5k at the JFK!

David Looby speaks with the popular broadcaster ahead of his run at the Arboretum

Ray D’Arcy jumping for joy at the thought of running at the John F Kennedy Arboretum
Ray D’Arcy jumping for joy at the thought of running at the John F Kennedy Arboretum

Ray D'Arcy is calling on the people of the area to give running a go and will be in the John F Kennedy Arboretum this Wednesday to lead by example during a 5k run.

The RTÉ star has been on the road with his Radio 1 show this week with his new 'Run With Ray' campaign and is arriving at the arboretum early Wednesday afternoon, from where he will broadcast his show at 3 p.m. Beforehand he will be doing the Daily Mile walk with pupils from New Ross Educate Together NS who are very excited about doing their daily school exercise routine with him.

In an interview with this newspaper, Ray - who shot to fame on children's show The Den with Zig and Zag - said he loves the feeling he gets from running and runs every day. He is urging people to get out and get active. 'We've been enjoying the longer evenings for some time now and what better time is there than in the lead up to the summer months to get out of the house, fill your lungs with fresh air and get running.'

Ray has been an avid runner for years and says it is the perfect way to start your day. 'I get up before everybody else in the house and sneak out with the dog for a run around UCD every morning. I am a worrier and I worry about the time when I won't be running. For me it just works on loads of levels. If only you could sell the feeling you get from running to people.'

Ray said the emphasis on running has been wrong, with some people running solely to lose weight.

'It should be about the way you feel after a run. The world looks different; a lot better. You go out in the morning and you come back energised, which, in a way, is counter-intuitive, but that's how it works for me.'

Ray said he is looking forward to running at the arboretum where New Ross Park Run have been organising Saturday morning runs for over four years.

'It's a brilliant opportunity to meet listeners and to help people to get out and get active. Hopefully our 5k runs will be the impetus for people to do what they've threatened to do for years... it's something to aim for and it promises to be a bit of fun. We are delighted to be teaming up with the local sports partnerships and we appreciate the assistance of the park run volunteers.'

He said a number of Co Wexford people have emailed his show about attending this Wednesday's run having listened to the inspiring stories of people who are giving running a go for all kinds of reasons.

Running and fitness expert Mary Jennings has been guiding Couch to 5k athletes in the making in the weeks running up to the Run With Ray national tour and many will be joining him on Wednesday at 6 p.m. 'We are hoping to speak to them on Wednesday. When we get to the arboretum there will be a number of runners from the park run and people who are new to running. You can pick up a t-shirt for €5 on the day.'

Ray said more and more people are getting turned on to running through books like 'Run Fat Bitch Run' and Mary Jenning's book 'Get Running'.

He said people come up with numerous excuses not to to run from bad weather to feeling full.

'People think that once you get to a certain level it gets easy; it's never easy. It's all about finding your level. I think it's just brilliant if running is in your life. It's not about running marathons; it's just about feeling the benefits.'

The run at JFK Arboretum begins at 6 p.m.

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