Friday 15 December 2017

Slaney boasts lots of salmon

The water level in the Slaney may be low but the number of salmon in the river is high, according to both anglers and fisheries officials. It is believed that the strict policy of 'catch and release' is beginning to yield results with stocks of the once plentiful salmon on the rise.

However, with water levels reduced by the dry summer, migrating salmon have had some difficulties making progress upstream to the spawning grounds in Carlow and Wicklow. Reports suggest that the weir in Clohamon, a couple of miles south of Bunclody, has presented a particularly stiff obstacle on the journey north.

'There is a lack of water going down,' observed one seasoned observer of the Slaney who was nevertheless confident that stocks are building up slowly. He passed on reports that a couple of 20 pounders have been hooked on the stretch between Clohamon and Ballycarney.

Officials of Inland Fisheries Ireland confirmed that there has been a good run of salmon in 2013, with some large specimens hauled to the shore by lucky anglers. The season runs from mid March until mid September and the IFI is confident that the log books kept by anglers will show healthy returns when they are examined at the end of the month.

The catch and release policy has been in force since 2006 when draft nets were removed from the lower reaches of the Slaney and rod fishers agreed to return everything they caught back into the river. The salmon have also benefited from the gradual improvement of water quality over the years.

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