Monday 19 March 2018

Reunite with your loved one in Ross

David Looby

A NEW competition which will see people flown home to Ireland in time for Christmas to visit the Emigrant Flame has been launched.

The JFK Trust announced the new Reunited at the Emigrant Flame campaign on Friday.

The campaign will give participants a chance to win return flights to Ireland in time for Christmas and is sponsored by Connect Ireland and managed by the John F Kennedy Trust. The deserving winner will be flown from their current country of residence and reunited with loved ones at The Emigrant Flame in New Ross during a special event to be held in the run up to Christmas this year.

Taking part involves taking a picture of yourself posing at the Emigrant Flame in New Ross.

Photographs should then be submitted via the following channels. Twitter: @emigrantflame/Facebook:theemigrantflame or email:

Photos should be accompanied by a short reason why you should be reunited at The Emigrant Flame and the country and airport your loved one will fly from. The competition closes on Sunday, December 1.

Mary French, Brand & Marketing Manager for the JFK Trust said, 'Our aim is to spread the message of The Emigrant Flame around the world so that all of our diaspora and indeed anyone who feels a connection with Ireland can take inspiration from this symbol of hope.'

Ms French said emigration has affected every family in our society in recent years once again and The Emigrant Flame will give people a place to connect and be reunited, be it online or in person.

She said the JFK Trust plans to run the competition every year to help build awareness of the Emigrant Flame and the Centre both nationally and internationally.

'This year's event will be predominantly local but I do see this as something that will travel internationally. Whoever wins will be reunited with their family at the flame.'

There will be a webcam in place at the flame as the JFK Trust wishes to create a virtual space for the disapora to see it at any time of the day.

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