Tuesday 20 March 2018

David a finalist for Slimmer of the Year

Dave Pickering
Dave Pickering

David Looby

A FORMER bodybuilder from Ballycullane has dug deep to shed six stone in six months, becoming a finalist in the slimmer of the year 2013 in the process.

Dave Pickering of St Martin's Park, Ballycullane achieved the amazing weight loss on the Cambridge diet, which involves using Cambridge Weight Plan nutritional products.

Earlier this year he weighed in at 18 stone 9 pounds and is now under 13 stone.

Twenty years ago Dave was a body builder, but a busy career as a truck driver meant he traded gyms for cafes and fast food.

He said: 'Exercising was part of my daily life. I then took my HGV test and started driving for a living; I soon stopped training and exercising. Eating in cafes and fast food places became a regular occurrence.'

Dave dieted in the past, but with little success.

'I reluctantly began to accept that my weight was not a problem for me but deep down I knew I was just kidding myself. Close family members and my doctor have been telling me for years that I need to do something about my weight as in time my health was going to suffer.'

In December, 2012, he visited his sister who was working as a Cambridge consultant in England. Dave said he never really thought that this diet was for him but during this visit he saw how well the Cambridge diet was working for other people and decided to give it a try.

'My brother-in-law Graham had been following the diet programme (step 1) and had lost far more weight than I needed to. Seeing the transformation in Graham really motivated and inspired and me to start my journey with Cambridge weight plan. So I jumped on my sisters weighing scales and to my shock I was the heaviest I have ever been.'

On December 8, 2012, he weighed in at 18 stone 9 pounds.

'I was determined that I could achieve my goal, not even the Christmas and New Year holidays was going to stop me.'

Each week Dave achieved good weight loss and this fostered a belief in him that he could reach his goal of shedding several stone. By June, 2013, he weighed in at 12 stone 6 pounds, giving him a total weight loss so far of 6 stone 3 pounds.

'I have gone from being borderline very obese to healthy. Before I would never drink water, where as now I drink it all the time because I know how important it is to the body. I am happier and healthier than I have been in years. I would never go back to the old habits that I got into.'

Dave said he feels 20 years younger and has regained the energy he had as a younger man. He enjoys walking his dogs and is looking forward to increasing his exercise regime by joining the gym and going swimming.

'My family can't believe the transformation losing the weight has had on me. They love seeing me healthier, more confident and so much happier, and they no longer worry about my health.'

He said his journey on the Cambridge diet has moved him to want to help others achieve their goal of losing weight and becoming healthier.

'I have recently trained to become a Cambridge consultant and am excited in this new chapter of my life, helping others just as my consultant has helped me,' he said.

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