Thursday 23 May 2019

Ballywilliam author releases war epic

Echoes of the Footsteps
Echoes of the Footsteps

A Ballywilliam based historian has written a trilogy of books about World War II.

Patrick Flanagan, a Roscommon native, who is now resident in Ballinvegga, near Ballywilliam, has worked with the acclaimed American author and authority on Irish history, Kathleen Hegarty Thorne, over the past 11 years on the production of a trilogy of landmark books about the Irish Republican Army during the first half of the twentieth century.

'Echoes of Their Footsteps' chronicles the day-by-day events throughout Ireland, accompanied by thousands of source references, hundreds of appropriate pictures and a few charts. Half of the final volume is devoted to a listing of the men and women who were imprisoned during World War II in the Free State, Northern Ireland and England, totalling over one thousand in all.

'There is no similar listing anywhere,' Patrick said.

Volume III is a substantial hardback tome of almost seven hundred pages. The first two volumes have been placed in all Irish public libraries and third level colleges, as well as many libraries and colleges in the US. Volume III is now being distributed to those same institutions.

Patrick said: 'Wexford readers will be particularly interested in the story of Enniscorthy man, Stephen Hayes, and the coverage of the shooting of young Michael Devereux from Tomhaggard by George Plant in 1940.'

Volumes I and II were launched in Enniscorthy and some other areas around the country a few years ago and it had been planned to launch this latest book in Belfast, Roscommon and Enniscorthy last month.

The books are printed on demand by Lulu printers and are supplied to purchasers within a few days of order.

All three volumes are available to purchase from

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