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Weight loss spurs on Caroline to open new business


Caroline Kinsella pictured before and after her weight loss

Caroline Kinsella pictured before and after her weight loss

Caroline Kinsella pictured before and after her weight loss

A new business is trying to helping people to lose weight in Ferns.

The new Slimming World class has been set up by Caroline Kinsella who has already lost 35 pounds on the eating plan.

Caroline said she had given up on the idea of losing weight.

'My weight had climbed steadily over the years and although my health was suffering, I just could not summon the enthusiasm to join another weight loss programme.

'From calorie counting to point counting, I had tried the lot but always seemed to feel hungry and deprived. I would walk quickly passing mirrors in order to avoid seeing my full reflection and only ever looked at myself from the neck up!

'I somehow tricked my eyes into seeing a different person because if I didn't I would never have left the house. I hated clothes shopping and I would take panic attacks when a celebration with family or friends was coming up.

'Then I heard about Slimming World. It sounded too good to be true. I checked the internet to find a group in my area and having found a local group it was still a few weeks before I finally took the bull by the horns and went along with her husband and daughter who both joined to support her.

'I often cried with the hopelessness I felt about my weight. I would ask myself repeatedly 'how did I get here? How could I let this happen?', but as John Lennon once said 'life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.'

Caroline's plans are very different now as she strides towards her target weight. She loves the group support and friendships she had made. 'I love going to group, it is like a social club. From day one, they were welcoming and friendly and straight away, I felt I belonged there. I eat, sleep and drink Slimming World now. It is just a way of life. I never refer to it as a diet because it is too generous to be a diet. It is a completely new way of eating. I use slimming world recipes when entertaining friends and family and they are amazed.'

With improved health Caroline no longer gasps for breath after going upstairs nor is she exhausted after doing the weekly shopping. She sprints through the stores and gets the shopping done in half the time. 'Slimming World has given me back my life. Now I love bumping into people I haven't seen for a while because their reaction to my weight loss just boosts my determination to keep going.'

So far, Caroline has lost 35 pounds but her journey with Slimming World continues. She is now qualified as a Slimming World consultant and has opened her own group in Ferns every Wednesday night in the local community centre.

She urges anyone wanting to lose weight to come along and join her saying 'I will support you every step of the way and there will be group support too. So come along, alone or with a friend. You have nothing to lose… but weight!'

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