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Local business uses glass technology to create new windows

Energlaze has created a new product that aims to improve the energy performance of listed and period homes.

The Wexford-based company has launched Fineo, a vacuum insulated glass unit, with the aim of optimising the thermal performance of single-glazed sash windows without altering the window frames.

By taking two glass panes and sealing them airtight, this new technology apparently creates a vacuum between the two panes, which are held apart by microscopic pillars of 0.1mm.

The result is a slim double-glazed unit with an overall thickness of 6mm, allowing it to be retrofitted into all timber single-glazed sash windows.

According to the company, it is also eight times more efficient than single glazing, 42% more efficient than modern double glazing and 12.5% more efficient than a modern 36mm triple-glazed unit.

Peter Campbell, managing director of Energlaze Home Energy Upgrades, said whilst this unit is primarily aimed at the timber sash window market there are opportunities to develop the technology further.

He also said period homes and buildings must not be left behind in the drive towards lower CO2 emissions.

Given the Government's ask of retrofitting 500,000 homes as per Ireland's Climate Action Plan, Campbell said period homes and buildings should be given special attention as these homes and buildings are the least efficient and will struggle to meet targets because of planning/heritage restrictions.

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