Build and name Louth bridge after US president Joe Biden

Louth's Narrow Water Bridge will eventually be built.

A projection of how the Narrow Water Bridge would look once completed

By John MulliganThe Argus

There is renewed hope that the Narrow Water Bridge will eventually be built.

Last November then Taoiseach Micheál Martin announced the tender process for the construction of the bridge linking Louth and Down, with €3m in funding from the Shane Ireland Fund.

Hopefully the path to delivery of the long-awaited bridge project is now on an unstoppable course and in due course there will be debate over what name to give the new crossing.

Following last week’s visit of President Joe Biden, surely consideration must be given to naming the bridge after him.

As an ancestor of the Finnegan family in Cooley, President Biden’s came to Carlingford to see one of the final landmarks his kin saw as they departed these shores.

Once built, naming the bridge in his honour would be a fitting tribute to his links to these parts.