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We’re just Wild about Marry

New documentary from local photographer and filmmaker


A garden visitor as photographed by Noel Marry.

A garden visitor as photographed by Noel Marry.

A garden visitor as photographed by Noel Marry.


Once again Noel Marry is showing a Wildlife Documentary in Drumshallon Forge Heritage Centre,

It is entitled “Wild in your Garden”

Following on from his popular “Irelands Ancient East” this time it is much closer to home, it was actually filmed in his own garden.

A wonderful documentary that follows the wildlife that inhabit our gardens, following them through the four seasons.

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The documentary follows the robin as he becomes Noel’s constant companion as he films The Blackbirds and Blue tits as they build their nest and rear their young.

We watch as one mother to be keep the much bigger starling from stealing her home, the film shows which food attracts different species of birds to your garden ,how to provide nest boxes , and find out where some birds sleep, and a little on Hedgehogs.

With our wetlands rapidly disappearing we are losing our frog population at an alarming rate

Noel decided to build a wildlife pond in his garden and soon it was teaming with wildlife including frogs.

He says, it was probably the first time I had seen frogs in our garden in thirty years so it clearly works.

He said, the Grandchildren were amazed as they watched the spawn turn into tadpoles and were so excited when they developed legs and became froglets. It was the first time they had ever seen anything like that.

One of the grandchildren came home from school and told him that they learned at school that our pollinators were hungry and dying and could we plant some wildflowers for them so we did. The films follows this from a barren strip of ground in March to a wonderful wildlife meadow in June filled with lots of bees, butterflies and all kind of insects.

Why not come along and bring your family for what promises to be an informative, relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Because of social distancing Places limited to 60 people

Text 086 859 6648 to book your place

It is on the 3rd of December, in Drumshallon Forge Heritage Centre

Ballymakenny road ,Grangebellew


Doors open at 7.30 and starts at 8.0pm sharp

€10 admission for adults & free for children

All proceeds go to Drumshallon forge

COVID 19 Certificate required or proof of COVID 19 recovery