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Traffic islands designed to slow traffic can actually can be ‘safety hazard’ say Louth councillors


One of the pedestrian traffic islands in Castlebellingham.

One of the pedestrian traffic islands in Castlebellingham.

One of the pedestrian traffic islands in Castlebellingham.


Traffic islands are not only slowing cars down on Louth roads, but are preventing some agricultural vehicles from accessing towns and villages around the county, a Louth councillor told the November meeting of Louth County Council.

Cllr. Paula Butterly highlighted one specific area where “safety issues” had arisen, in the Castlebellingham and Kilsaran area.

"Some of the locations of the islands are atrocious,” and need to be revisited, said Cllr. Butterly. "They are actually a safety hazard.”

She added that there were also concerns about Dunleer.

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"We were told initially that speed bumps were being installed in Dunleer, and then there were traffic islands.”

Director of Service, Catherine Duff said that safety issues “had to be addressed” and explained that there may be a “difference in the time safety measures were installed.”

Cllr. Butterly asked if consideration was given to the type of vehicles which might need to pass traffic islands, especially in areas such as Castlebellingham and Dunleer.

The Director of Service said there were standards set for different types of roads.

Cllr. Tom Cunningham said some of the traffic islands “were difficult enough for cars to pass, never mind an articulated truck.”

He added: “We do need to look at a lot of these.. they are going to cause accidents, hopefully none fatal.”

Cllr. Pearse McGeough said the traffic island in Kilsaran was in response to a speeding issue at a school, and had been successful in addressing this.

Ms. Duff said the council would look at issues around safety. “But these are not something new, they have been used before.”