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Thataway! Sign of the times for Camino walkers in the woods


One of the handcrafted Drogheda Camino signs.

One of the handcrafted Drogheda Camino signs.

The Drogheda route is an offical Camino one.

The Drogheda route is an offical Camino one.


One of the handcrafted Drogheda Camino signs.


No more shall Little Red Riding Hood get lost in Townley Hall Woods!

Boyne Valley Walking is delighted to report that the woodland stretch of the Boyne Valley Camino through Townley Hall Woods has been clearly signposted. The signs in Townley Hall conform to Coillte standard for forestry. Local graphic designer Caoimhe Mulroy created artwork for discs containing the traditional yellow scallop shell and directional arrow on blue background, which were added to the Coillte posts.

The woodland part of the Camino is particularly beautiful in all seasons, but it has proven tricky to navigate without appropriate signage.

This is a major milestone towards the ultimate goal of having a self-guided 25km loop walk. The signage is the yellow scallop shell and arrow, as per the Camino signage across Europe. Work is ongoing with Engineers, local authorities and other stakeholders in relation to permanent signage for the rest of the 25km looped route from Drogheda. Funding for creating the signage was secured via the Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure scheme programme administered by the Dept of Rural and Community Development.

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The Boyne Valley Camino is an official Celtic Camino route. Terry Collins and Frank Flanagan worked with the Camino Society of Ireland for this accreditation as they researched the links to the ancient travellers leaving the port of Drogheda to make their pilgrimage to the Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain.

Áine Walsh and Pat Coffey have enjoyed a very successful relationship with Coillte in relation to the Camino. This has led to an enhancement of the original route through Townley Hall Woods. Collaboration with Coillte, National Parks and Wildlife Services and local residents has led to the creation of a beautiful new trail in Townley Hall Woods that gives approx 2.5km of unbroken forest walking on the outward leg. The Camino enters the forest at the bottom of King William’s Glen and exits on the Tullyallen road and continues to Old Mellifont.

On the return journey the Camino re-enters Townley Hall at Belnumber Wood, the fantastic link trail that was put in place between Tullyallen and the bottom of the Glen. This is a further 1.5km of forest walking. Camino signage has been added to this section of the woods also.