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Road blocked by another crash at notorious Drogheda junction


Another crash at the Rathmullen Road junction

Another crash at the Rathmullen Road junction

Another crash at the Rathmullen Road junction


EMERGENCY services have attended the scene of another major collision at the notorious Bridge of Peace/Rathmullen Road junction in Drogheda.

The accident, which took place around midday on Wednesday, involved two vehicles, both of which had to be transported from the scene.

Traffic was impacted for some time as ambulance crews attended to those injured.

An Garda Siochana also attended the scene as well as four crews from the fire service.

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There have been a significant number of accidents at the junction in recent months and the location is now one of the major blackspots in the county.

Mayor James Byrne said he would raise the matter at Monday’s county council meeting but said that central government funding was needed for the project.

At a recent meeting of the council it was stated that a lights system had been earmarked for it as part of a planning application further up the Rathmullen Road in Co Meath but that development had not gone ahead.

There are also cycle lanes planned from the bridge to the train station.

A potholed section of the Rathmullen Road approaching the junction has only been repaired in recent weeks with new markings added. However, the yellow box junction is badly worn away.

The mayor said he intends asking the council about interim measures at the location as it is “very dangerous, especially at school times.”

He has also called for a meeting between the local councillors and their counterparts in East Meath. “We need more joined up thinking on things like this. This junction is everyone’s problem as it impacts on new housing and residents in Co Meath too.”