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Remembering those buried in Dundalk’s famine graveyard


Dundalk Famine Graveyard

Dundalk Famine Graveyard

Dundalk Famine Graveyard

Dundalk Famine Graveyard


Dundalk Famine Graveyard


The Dundalk famine graveyard annual service of remembrance will take place at Killally Famine Graveyard on Sunday August 7th at 5pm.

The Dundalk famine graveyard is regarded as one of the most important historical sites in Dundalk and in Co Louth since it was restored over the past number of years by a group of dedicated local volunteers.

Located on the Ardee Road, it’s the resting place for over 4000 people who died between 1850 and 1955..

Most burials came from the local workhouse located at Hilltop on the Ardee Road which was eventually knocked down many years ago. There are no headstones in the graveyard, just small marker stones marking where the mass graves were white crosses stand still marking individual graves.

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Over the years the graveyard became neglected with vegetation destroying the walls that surrounded the graveyard. Over the past 20 years the volunteers have restored the graveyard walls and maintained the grass areas.

The committee have ensured that a memorial service takes place annually and hopefully over the years. 

The graveyard can be accessed via A91E76N or from Mccardles Brewery on the Ardee Road or via the laneway across from Mount Hamilton sign.