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PUP numbers in Louth drop below 4,000 for first time


The number of people in Louth in receipt of the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) has dropped below 4,000, the lowest to date.

There were 3,512 people in Louth getting the PUP as of Tuesday September 14, down from 4,160 the previous week.

This is a significant reduction on the 14,351 who were getting it on February 9th last  when  the numbers in receipt of PUP was at its 2021 peak.  The highest numbers claiming PUP in Louth was on May 4th 2020 when there were 16,983 payments.

Minister for Social Protection Heather Humphreys said that PUP had proven to be one of the most important supports in our country’s history.

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“In fact, since the introduction of the PUP in March 2020, almost one million people have been supported under the scheme at one stage or another.

“The PUP was always a temporary emergency support and as the emergency phase of the pandemic has now passed, it is the right time to start the process of winding the payment down.

“The tapering of the PUP is happening in a gradual, phased manner between now and next February recognising the fact that some sectors of our economy are getting back to normal at a slower rate than others.

“It’s important that businesses continue to avail of the supports available through the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme in order to help them rehire staff.

She urged those involved in the music and entertainment industry to utilise the Music and Entertainment Assistance Scheme (MEBAS)

 I know that the Music and Entertainment Association of Ireland (MEAI) are doing a lot of work to promote this particular support and I would strongly encourage people to make an application to ensure they don’t miss out.”