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Private PCR testing now available in Dundalk


Swapping at a GoSafe48 testing centre

Swapping at a GoSafe48 testing centre

Swapping at a GoSafe48 testing centre


People who need PCR tests for flights will no longer have to travel to Dublin as screening company GoSafe48 are now providing private rapid PCR testing in Dundalk.

They will be offering the private tests through their new company GoSafeLocal, located at Dundalk Stadium.

This is a major development for the company which already operates three private testing centres in Dublin.

It is also responsible for the HSE centres in Louth, Wexford and Kildare, set up earlier this month.

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The new private service from GoSafe Local will provide rapid PCR with results available by 10am the following morning. The tests cost €69 per test.

“We are happy to announce that private PCR testing, fully approved by the EU and needed for International travel to many countries, is now available in Louth,” Maggie Malone, GoSafe48 CEO said.

"It will mean that people who currently have to travel to Dublin the day before flights will be now able to get tested locally.”

Alongside these new centres, GoSafe48 will continue to operate their Dublin bases, where rapid easily accessed low-cost COVID screening with results in 4 to 8 hours are available. GoSafe48 has bases on the north and southside of Dublin as well as the city centre.

For further information and precise locations of all testing centres please see www.gosafe48.ie