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Petition calls for television stations to give Liam Reilly the recognition he deserves


The late Liam Reilly

The late Liam Reilly

The late Liam Reilly


An on-line petition has been launched calling on RTE and the BCC to give Dundalk musician Liam Reilly and his band Bagatelle the recognition they deserve.

Fan Aisling O’Leary launched the petition on the change.org website and it has already garnered over 400 signitures in just two days.

"One year ago Liam Reilly passed , and left a huge musical legacy behind  – a musical legacy that needs , and deserves , to be properly recognised and honoured,” she says .

“His library of songs, including  his No 1 songs , his emigration songs , need to be recognised . And yet, one year on, none of the bigger TV / radio stations here in Ireland have given him any form of proper recognition.”

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She says that while there have been documentaries and tribute shows to other musicians, songwriters, and poets, no such tribute has been made for Liam, despite several approaches from his band mates, management and promoters.

"And so now, we re asking some long time friends / fans ( & maybe their friends ) to get in touch with some of the bigger radio & TV stations here in Ireland to push them in to giving some well deserved coverage Liam.”

Among those who have signed the petition are Liam’s sister Darina Reilly. She ‘cites his  body of work, the man, the musicianship, the charity work, the intelligence, the wit, the fans, the fabulous lyrics and music….” as reasons why he should be given this recognition.

“Liam Reilly and Bagatelle have dedicated a lifetime to Irish music and been fantastic ambassadors for Ireland. Diaspora all over the world are die hard fans of the band, Bagatelle brought their music, love, storytelling and joy to people across the globe and their music and lyrics resonated with so many as if they were telling their own story or that of their forefathers. Every song had a true meaning. They deserve to have proper recognition for their achievements and contribution to not only Irish music here and on the world stage but also the very essence of what it means to be Irish,” wrote another fan.

"If the media does not give recognition to astounding talent like Liam & Bagatelle, then they are saying to our young people that they need to go abroad for recognition. The loss is then for the media & the people of Ireland,” said another supporter.

To sign the petition, see www.change.org