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O’Dowd continues to kick up stink about Marsh Road smell

Louth TD ‘has no faith’ in remediation plans


Drogheda waste water treatment plant

Drogheda waste water treatment plant

Drogheda waste water treatment plant


Local TD Fergus O’Dowd says he ‘will not rest’ until the issue of malodour on the Marsh Road is resolved permanently.

It comes after he organised and attended a further meeting held with Irish Water, where he requested further action on the recurring smell.

“During the meeting I let officials know in no uncertain terms that I do not have faith in their remediation plans and that I remain very concerned that the works schedule seems to be permanently expanding which leads me to believe that the plant is in much worse condition then I previously imagined,” he told the Drogheda Independent.

“At the meeting it was put to me that early estimates of between €15m and €20m of remediation investment would be required to address many of the larger issues including the covering of the settlement tanks”.

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In its latest correspondence to Irish Water, the EPA said:

"Irish Water’s resolution of odour issues at Drogheda is a priority for the EPA and we will closely monitor Irish Water’s performance in 2022. The EPA has continued to instruct Irish Water to improve how it deals with complaints of odours and to be proactive in its engagement with the local community in relation to its actions to resolve odours.”