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North Louth councillor ‘scared’ by number of families struggling to find homes to rent


Cllr. Antoin Watters

Cllr. Antoin Watters

Cllr. Antoin Watters


North Louth councillor Antoin Watters has said that he is ‘scared’ by the number of people in the Cooley and Carlingford area struggling to find houses to rent.

People are struggling with landlords taking back houses and houses being sold. A lot of families are really struggling,” he said at the June meeting of the Dundalk Municipal District.

He asked if there was anything the Council could do to promote the options available for people if they are facing homelessness.

Director of Service Mr Paddy Donnelly said that family homelessness was becoming a bigger pressure for the Council’s housing service. 

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The monthly housing report showed that there were fourteen families listed as homeless this year compared to four this time last year. Overall, there were 83 people listed as homeless in the county during the month of April.

There was a reduction in the number of properties available for rent through HAP as private landlords were leaving the market and houses were being sold.

He urged people to engage with the Council’s homelessness team as early as possible so that they can offer assistance.

Cllr Watters also asked for an update on the retrofit scheme, enquiring if they knew whether the tenders would be coming in at the right figures for them to deliver what they had planned.

Director of Service Mr Paddy Donnelly said that the Council had been awarded €3.3million for the retrofit programme, working out at €33,000 for 102 projects. This was currently out for tender and he anticipated it being a bigger challenge this year with the increased costs of labour and materials. 

The scheme had proven very successful last year with 69 units delivered.