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Louth youth club members put in the work to keep Ballsgrove looking its best

Idea for clean-up came from young people themselves, who were horrified by the litter lying around their local area




Ballsgrove Youth Club took to the streets last week to take part in tidying up their area, cleaning High Field area, Ballsgrove green, the church and Loaves and Fishes Community Centre, along with the gates of Mary Mount School.

Both groups, younger and older, took part in the community clean-up during their group time, which was support by Louth County Council.

Altogether, the two groups consisted of 33 young people and three volunteers taking place on the evening of Wednesday, June 22, cleaning the area while the sun was shining, making the experience even more enjoyable.

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"We as a group decided to take part in the clean up as we were out and around Ballsgrove and High Field placing kindness rocks the week before and some of the young people were horrified, along with the volunteers, about all the rubbish lying around, and so it sparked an idea for us all,” said Chloe Kelly, volunteer for Ballsgrove Youth Club.

"We met a lady from Tidy Towns while doing our clean up and she was so impressed to see so many young people taking part. As a group we feel the work Tidy Towns do is absolutely amazing and Ballsgrove Youth Club got an insight into the work they do during the clean up.”

Louth County Council provided Ballsgrove Youth with bags, gloves and litters picks.